Successful times – Full-scale testing of Oliasoft WellDesign

Oliasoft WellDesign schematic

Featured News

The past couple of months have been an exciting period for Oliasoft. We have expanded and by the end of October we are 14 full-time employees with extensive experience from software development and drilling & completion engineering, in addition to our expert consultants.

During August and September we attended ONS 2018, the Kristiansand conference for drilling & well and SPE ATCE in Dallas, all three with great success. We ended up going home with several new contacts and experienced massive interest in our company, both from Norwegian and international oil companies.


Product News and Announcements

During August, the Oliasoft WellDesign entered a full-scale testing phase in collaboration with the major oil companies Aker BP, Equinor and Chevron, giving us necessary industry verification. The testing phase will continue throughout the year and we expect the Oliasoft WellDesign to be available for commercial use in January 2019, starting with 30 days free trial.

The Oliasoft WellDesign will at that time consist of four modules, being trajectory design, casing design, tubing design and blowout and kill simulation. The fifth module, conductor analysis, will be available later the same year.

Two new modules are being developed, well barrier drawings and oil drift modelling, and will be incorporated in our product.