By combining the best of these two worlds, we help the oil industry to digitalize. By using our well planning software, engineers will be able to design cost-efficient, safe and effective oil wells. Oliasoft WellDesign™ is a modern Integrated Cloud Engineering (ICE). Instead of trying to make all the existing systems work together, we built it all from scratch. So that you can login from any browser, using the operating system you chose, and collaborate with your colleagues anywhere in the world, in real time.



Be more prepared for the everyday life as a drilling engineer! Oliasoft offers a unique opportunity for students to gain the necessary skills by giving you access to Oliasoft WellDesign.

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Whether you’re just getting started, want to hone your skills, or just want to pick up some new ideas and techniques…

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Oliasoft is a team player! We will help you utilize the powerful capabilities of our API instead of struggling to make configurations work.

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