Oliasoft API

We offer a powerful and flexible REST API for advanced calculations.

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Docs are organized by module and then by language – from javascript to python.

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Integrate Oliasoft’s calculation engines into your own applications and internal systems.

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We have put together a range of examples to inspire you to utilize the full potential of our API.

Integrate Oliasoft modules in your app

Oliasoft’s API’s enable integration of our engines into 3rd party applications. They allow 3rd party applications to use all of Oliasoft’s architecture for efficient calculations, such as scalable multicore and multiserver simulations to perform computational heavy tasks in a fraction of the time.

All modules in Oliasoft WellDesign are available through Oliasoft API, including Trajectories with anti-collision, Casing Design, Hydraulics, Torque & Drag, Tubing Design and Thermal modelling, Blowout & Kill simulations and Conductor Analysis.

The APIs handle full revision tracking, user access permissions and security

Oliasoft REST API’s allow machine-to-machine communication for integration of calculations into a larger ecosystem and automation tasks, such as generation of Digital Detailed Operating Procedures (DDOP’s), transfer of planning data to rig robotics etc.

Learn from examples


Our APIs can be used to integrate Oliasoft with any application through machine-to-machine interphases.

Just like using LEGOs to build something, applications can be used as components in a larger ecosystem when they are built with REST APIs. 

Killer App is a simple application that utilize Oliasoft API and our KillWell™ engine to calculate a blowout scenario.

Check it out Source code

Integrity Monitor is an example of how to recalculate the engineering calculation chain realtime while presenting important monitoring parameters in a dashboard format.

Source code is available here

Check it out Source Code

Old school engineers, check out how excel sheets can communicate with Oliasoft engines to automatically update charts and tables. Excel supports macros in javascript.

Example Excel sheet and javascript macro.

Check it out Source code