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Oliasoft is invited to speak at the ONS Technical Sessions

ONS 2020

Out of 373 applications, the technical committee has awarded/invited Oliasoft to speak at the ONS 2020 Technical Sessions. The ONS Technical Sessions is the leading arena for technologists to share information, highlight innovation and gain competitive advantage through new solutions. Oliasoft is looking forward to sharing how our unique software will improve well delivery substantially […]

Oliasoft held a user course in Oliasoft WellDesign for OMV’s engineers in Stavanger

Introduction course for OMW

Ensuring an adequate understanding of the product by facilitating an enlightening onboarding process is important for the success of using new software. We held a two days course to introduce the software and to present the theory behind our calculation engines. Our customer success team was present to look after our new users. OMW has […]

Oliasoft on stage at OG21-Forum 2019

Yesterday Oliasoft were present at OG21 – Forum 2019, talking about our software for well planning, and how it fits into a digital value chain for within the oil companies. Our CEO, André Backen made a good figure presenting how better software, the right technology choices and digitalization is believed to contribute to; increased security, […]

Digitalisering i oljebransjen: Min sky er finere enn din sky!

Av Marius Kjeldahl, CTO i Oliasoft. Som en leverandør av moderne softwareløsninger for boring og brønn i oljebransjen sliter vi ofte med å kommunisere forskjellen på gode og dårlige løsninger på utfordringene relatert til digitalisering i oljebransjen. Det er mange grunner til dette. De to vanligste er antageligvis manglende kompetanse i oljebransjen til å stille kritiske spørsmål […]

Oliasoft voted among 10 most promising startups

Rice Alliance logo

Oliasoft was voted among the industry´s 10 most promising startups at the Rice Alliance Startup Roundup at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2019. “This year’s event attracted more than 40 investment groups and corporate innovation teams that came to meet with a record high of 60 startups. Oil and gas companies that took part included […]

Oliasoft’s blowout & kill-module is commercialized!

Product News and Announcements On the product side we have several things going on. Our blowout & kill-module is finalized and commercial these days, an important milestone for us, and we are in commercial discussions with several oil companies both nationally and internationally. The overall feedback from our clients regarding our blowout and kill module […]

Oliasoft awarded Demo2000 from The Research Council of Norway

Oliasoft @ Digital Energy

Oliasoft has been awarded grants from Demo2000 led by The Research Council of Norway, as one of 11 innovative technology companies. The project involves piloting of Oliasoft WellDesign throughout a range of departments and disciplines for numerous oil companies, including subsurface, drilling & well and digitalisation groups. Total budget for the project is 24 MNOK […]

Documentation for Equinor/Statoil’s Volve Dataset

In Oliasoft we have various customers in various phases of digitalisation work. After Equinor (formerly Statoil) released their Volve dataset into the open, both we in Oliasoft and others can learn from looking at actual data produced by Equinor from Volve. It’s a lot of data and documentation is very limited. Oliasoft delivers modern software […]