Analyze drilling, casing, and completion operations and assess the impact of predicted loads related to torque and drag in both soft string, stiff string, and hybrid configurations. Tension, fatigue, buckling and triaxial stress can be calculated along with a range of scenarios.

Oliasoft Torque and Drag enable engineers to perform detailed analysis on drilling, casing and completion operations with any BHA and wellbore configuration. All calculations can be accessed by any 3rd party application through Oliasoft API.

Oliasoft Torque and Drag support full soft string, hybrid and stiff string analysis, able to calculate torque, drag, buckling and side forces at any point of the string for multiple scenarios.

Full visualization of standard plots such as; hook load, tension, stress analysis and buckling, and full 3D view of downhole drillstring showing side forces, string clearance and torque and drag levels.