Oliasoft Well Trajectory Design is a full fledged Trajectory Engineering and Data Management System.

The system is designed to support multiple planned versions of any well trajectory with full revision tracking and bulk management of wells, fields and areas.

Oliasoft Trajectory support a long range of parametric build options for building well trajectories, in addition to import capabilities of survey lists and integration with 3rd party systems through Oliasoft API.

All standard well path and positioning mathematics are supported, such as Constant Turn Rate method, Constant Curvature method, Radius of Curvature method, Minimum Curvature method, Tangential method and Balanced Tangential method.


Well Trajectory and anti-collision analysis can be accessed by any 3rd party application through machine-to-machine communication via Oliasoft API. This capability enable automation and integration with calculation engines dependent on the planned wellpath.

Oliasoft Trajectory supports geodetic coordinates and UTM map references to surface and target locations with full exports to directional drilling plans.

Error modelling and Anti-Collision functionality is based on the latest ISCWSA mathematical formulas. Additionally, anti-collision models can be imported as IPM files, or IPM files can be created to represent any company specific anti-collision model.

Additional error models can be programmed by users as an integrated part of the survey methodology.

Complex build features, such as linear, quadratic, and higher-order Bezier curves for optimization and automation of “path to target” with continuously varying dogleg is included.