Oliasoft´s hydraulics and fluid design module can be used to model pressure losses through the entire circulating system, including rig setup, pipe string, bit and annulus.

The module handles ECD estimation from circulation with cuttings load and cuttings transport efficiency. Bit nozzle size optimization for maximum ROP and hydraulic horsepower, as well as surge and swab calculations for full BHA / completion / casing strings.


Oliasoft Wellbore Hydraulics module enable engineers to accurately model fluids with any rheology profile in any well configuration. BHA design, Wellbore cleaning, surge & swab and integrated load cases are inherent properties of the module 

The hydraulic engines combines analytical and numerical finite difference mathematical models to predict accurate responses for circulation, reverse-circulation, drilling, and injection.

Our scalable backend architecture solves numerical problems at speeds not previously seen for these applications.