Oil Drift Modelling

Accurate prediction of oil drift from a potential spill or blowout is essential in quantifying the environmental risk for a given drilling operation. Emergency response organisations are also in need of accurate predictions coupled with realtime operations and weather forecasts.

Meteorological Institute in Norway is a world class research organization focused on weather and climate research. Oliasoft is working closely with MET in order to commercialise the world class oil drift model.

Meteorological Institute logo

Lasse Staff Jensen

Thermal propagation

In cooperation with IFE (Institutt for Energiteknikk) at Kjeller, Oliasoft is researching thermal propagation throughout fluids in production, injection, and circulation scenarios. Accurate representation of heat transfer includes effects for thermal radiation, thermal conduction, convection, and energy loss by phase changes, and is essential for modern casing and tubing design in order to understand multistring effects.

IFE is at the forefront of several fields within international energy research and is known for creating OLGA, an industry-leading multiphase engine later acquired by multiple private companies.

Jan Nossen
Chief Scientist

Multiphase pressure loop

IFE’s Pressure Loop is used for studying 2- and 3-phase multiphase gas-liquid-particle flow in pipes or in a rectangular channel, at various pressures. The test facility contributes with high quality experimental data that is used to improve and test basic multiphase flow models.

Blowout & Kill physics

In cooperation with IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger), Oliasoft is researching Blowout & Kill physics to improve our BlowFlow™ and KillWell™ engines. This area has previously been poorly understood and the academic literature contains limited datasets for investigation.

IRIS AS – International Research Institute of Stavanger – is a recognized research institute with high focus on applied research, jointly owned by the University of Stavanger and the regional foundation Rogaland Research. Recently merged with NORSE.

NORSE logo

Eric Ford
Senior Research Engineer

Ullrigg drilling and well centre

The Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre is owned by IRIS AS, and is where many of the physical models developed here will be tested. Ullrigg is a full size offshore-style triple rig, situated at Ullandhaug in Stavanger, Norway.

Advanced mechanics and fatigue

Together with Fedem Technology, a leading technology provider for dynamic mechanics simulations and life-time assessments, Oliasoft is developing a world class mechanics and fatigue simulator.

This technology will improve our ability to simulate and assess conditions on wellhead and conductor state in real-time, simulated with realistic sea and weather conditions.

Audun Grimstad
Head of department